The World of Online Slot Machines


The one-armed bandit as the slot machine is commonly called has had many innovations throughout the years. Now, it doesn’t need a lever to be pulled on the side of the machine for the player to make use of it. Instead, a button is conveniently placed in front of the machine. Still, the lever is kept for aesthetic and legacy purposes. But nowdays nothing can beat playing online slot machines for fun or for real money such as this site where players can play for free and when they are ready they can play for real money and win loads of cash.

The mysticism of the slot machine is universal. Since it’s initial start as entertainment for wives who went with their husbands to gambling salons, the slot machine is now popular to all sectors, from starting players to even professionals. They are the most popular gambling method in brick-and-mortar casinos and are also the most profitable, bringing in about 70% of the casino’s revenues.

There are some myths concerning online slot machine though. It is important to spot what are true or not about slot machines online in order to determine your odds in the game. Many are wowed by the instant jackpots and opening bonuses given to online players but one must be careful. It is important to read the fine print of different promotions concerning slot machines in the internet. There are a lot of fraudulent slot machine sites especially because the slot machine is one of the easiest to operate and one of the most sellable to the masses.

Online slot machines are also called video slot machines. They act very much like brick and mortar machines except there are no drinks for free involved. Like B&M machines, online slot machines can be networked to form progress jackpots. These are found in games like Major Millions. And like other machines, one could also get addicted if not careful.

In order to prevent this, here are a few tips for responsible playing. Even before playing, the initial though must be the limit of the bankroll to be spent on the games. If the loss is bigger than the gain, cut it directly and stop chasing after the loss. Never play with the entire bankroll. Keep some leeway, so it’s enough for just one more game or a different game on some other day.

Next, play with the money gotten from the initial bankroll and not from any credits accumulated along the way. For progressive jackpots, one must always play on the maximum bet because doing so will ensure the player of the highest possible payout for the winning combination rather than just less the amount for the same symbol combination. Do this though with the first tip in mind. If it’s off the budget, then look for better alternatives like slot machines with smaller stakes.

Another tip to keep in mind is to break the bankroll into sessions. Meaning, for each particular day a week, there must be a certain amount to keep in mind while playing per day. For example, with $100 per week, one can play with $10 per day depending on the budget. Always keep a certain budget for other funds and keep a certain amount of accumulated winning at an online casino. In that way, for the week, one will not go bankrupt.

Lastly, try experimenting with several online slot machines. Don’t stay with the one you’re uncomfortable with. There are many options on the net, and one will surely fit your budget and preference. Also keep in mind a certain time for play. After all, slot machines are meant to relax and entertain, and not to distract you from other obligations.

188Bet eSports Options

With most online casinos and sportsbooks, players look to play casino games or bet on traditional sports to make money. At 188Bet you have a new and exciting alternative. Traditional sports including football, basketball, baseball, etc are the main draws at online sportsbooks but now they have competition. New generations are into new sports and those include eSports. Learn how you can bet on eSports and what’s available to bet on at 188Bet.

You can play casino games and win big if you play them right or get lucky. You can bet on sports and if you know the odds and the teams strengths you can make money. Now there’s an alternative to making money with those. Now you can make money betting on best value when playing online. If you know the teams and individuals well, eSports can be a big money maker. Not a lot of people in the general population have expert knowledge to beat the odds, so if you do, you can beat them and win. More and more people are interested in betting on eSports because it’s new and exciting. Know eSports and you’ll beat these casual bettors by knowing who to bet on and what odds to bet with.


ESports is competitive gaming. It is organized multiplayer video game competitions and tournaments. The top players become professionals. It’s a new phenomenon that is growing rapidly. It’s growing rapidly among gamers and now among gamblers. It’s so popular now around the world and so competitive that sportsbooks are now able to put odds on matches and tournaments.

At 188Bet, you can find up to date information on the latest eSports Tournaments and other information you need to bet on eSports and do it wisely. There you can bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, Dota 2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. You can bet on outright markets and individual markets. For tournaments you can bet on Fnatic, Area 51 and Nanyang. Betting options also include money lines and other odds in decimals. What you can bet on and how you can bet are always growing so check 188Bet often for updates. Find out more info at

With the growth of eSports among gamers, now there are options, especially at 188Bet for gamblers. Instead of just trying your luck and winning big at casino games and traditional sports, you can also make money betting on eSports. If you know about it well, you can beat the odds by beating the casual bettors and win big. Check out The Technology Trends of Online Slot Games for more.